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How do you fit the scope of the world into 60 seconds? Filmmaker Rick Mereki knows, and the wanderlusting Internet world has fallen head over heels in love with his vagabond film adventures.

It took six weeks for the Aussie filmmaker and his trusy DOP Tim White to follow the very becoming actor Andrew Lees as he traipsed, trekked, and tasted his way through 11 countries and 38,000 miles (that’s 1.5 times around the Earth, to give you some perspective) of vibrantly colorful, and appealingly symmetrical, world backdrop. But it took approximately three days for the videos to rocket from indie shorts to viral phenoms.

What’s all the commotion? Three words: MOVE, EAT, LEARN. Three words in three minutes. No, make that three simple, stunning, single-minute takes translated into three powerful concepts, and three truly gratifying glimpses of how travel inspires us to do, dare, and discover what lies beyond the consolations of our comfort zones and the safety blanket of our rooms.

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